Phlogin®Capsules, Injection & Gel
(Diclofenac Sodium)

Brookes is pioneer to bring time tested Diclofenac sodium in capsules in pellets formulation first time in Pakistan. Phlogin (Diclofenac Sodium) is a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory analgesic drug. Phlogin has potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect with anti-pyretic and uricosuric properties. Phlogin exerts its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-pyretic effect by inhibiting the activity of prostaglandin synthetase.Phlogin 50mg capsules are available in enteric coated pellet formulation. Phlogin SR-100 Capsules are available in pellets with diffusion membrane technology. Phlogin Injection is available in sterile amber color glass ampoule. Phlogin Gel is emul gel formulation for painful swollen soft tissues with additional menthol and lavender.

Phlogin is indicated in all painful and inflammatory conditions such as:

  • All inflammatory and degenerative forms of rheumatism e.g. Rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Osteoarthritis, Intervertebral disc syndrome – Lumbago, Sciatica.
  • Non-articular rheumatism e.g. bursitis, tendonitis, myositis
  • Post-operative and post-traumatic pain
  • Renal colic
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Dental pain

Phlogin-50 Capsules are available in Blister pack 20 Capsules.

Phlogin-SR-100 Capsules are available in Blister pack 20 Capsules.

Phlogin Injection is available in pack of 5X3 ml Ampoule.

Phlogin Gel is available in pack of 20 g tube.

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