Mission, Vision & Values

Past CEO’s Message

It has been an absolute pleasure for me to be associated with my family business set up by my father Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan in the year 1986. Joining business in the capacity of Executive Director 28 years back and reaching to the position of CEO has been an amazing journey. I was fortunate to build a strong team of highly motivated professionals and smart teammates who made it easy for us to touch excellence in various facets of the organization all through these golden years of my corporate life. We faced enormous business challenges during these years but never strayed from ethical path and took Brookes where it stands today.

Looking in retrospection, I remember how my father introduced for the first time in Pakistan Pyodine range of products along with many other therapeutics like Hepa Merz (Chronic Liver Disease), Oxoferin (Complicated Wound’s Healing), PK-Merz (Parkinsons Disease), Akatinol (Alzehimer) and the list goes. In an era where national companies were associated only with marketing cheap generics, Mr. Khan made this innovative and pioneering decision of launching novelties and NCEs (New Chemical Entity) in our dear country and provide drugs for such complicated disease not available before in the market.

Taking my father’s dream (and training) of innovation and pioneership ahead, I was fortunate to locally produce Anesthesia range which was either imported or smuggled into the country with dire shortage year round. Today, I am happy that we are the brand leaders not only in Anesthesia but also in all the other novelties that we launched in Pakistan.

At this juncture, I am extremely pleased to pass on the responsibility of the business to another talented member of our next generation, my beloved nephew, Mr. Omar Khan who has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of the company.

He has got immense potential and strong business acumen required to run the business on stronger footings. I have full confidence on his abilities and firmly believe that he will take Brookes to newer heights of success.

Signing off with great satisfaction, Brookes will always be an important part of my life and I will continue to be engaged with the Board and the new CEO in the advisory capacity to help shape the vision and achieve company’s objectives.