Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

It was a pleasant evening of April 1986 when my beloved father Mr. Abdul Hafeez Khan, inaugurated a new pharmaceutical company by cutting ribbon in an uproar of clapping. This new organization named Brookes was supposed to kick off with a vision, a vision that has remained dear to me and my colleagues all these years and which laid foundations of a vibrant and expanding company that Brookes is today.

These past years are years of constant struggle against numerous challenges that we have always taken as opportunities rather than problems. These years have also been years of continuous development, of unprecedented progress in various areas of pharmaceutical excellence, and of realization of a powerful dream.

We are proud of what we have gained so far; and we are ready to explore ever new horizons of excellence through continuous efforts, dedication and unity of vision. I firmly believe that an organization based on the philosophy of service is bound to survive and grow. I also feel that for Brookes it is just the beginning of a glorious journey.
As the founder and Chairman of this great organization, I want to express my heartfelt sense of gratitude to you, my companions, who have, throughout this long journey, given me an unconditional support and confidence. It is your dedication and commitment to this company that we managed to come so far with such great flourish of success. I honestly feel just like being the father figure of a large family bound together through actual bonds of love and mutual respect.

I am also thankful to the community and my country at large for giving me such high esteem at various forums and considering my humble contributions to the society with respect. I believe it is only because of Brookes, that I am able play a role in the betterment of the society, which has so much potential.

In the end I would like to share a Chinese proverb, which says that to bring about one big change one has to invest his complete life. I have always believed in this proverb, and my life bears testimony to it. We can see that it is only after investing our complete energies that we are able to see this organization, where it stands today as a pharmaceutical company par excellence. We are lucky we can reap the fruits of our long struggle, a magnificent struggle which would continue as we reach new milestones in future. Insha Allah!