Neo-Pyrolate®IV Injection
(Glycopyrrolate + Neostigmine Methylsulphate)

Brookes is the first company who has introduced this dazzling combination in Pakistan market. Neo-Pyrolate combination providing substantial economy to the patients in comparison to any other brands available separately. Glycopyrrolate is an anti-cholinergic drug, which is a synthetic quaternary ammonium compound. It inhibits the muscarinic actions of acetylcholine; which results in reduction of gastrointestinal & urinary tract motility. It also inhibits salivary as well as bronchial secretions. Neostigmine belongs to “Reversible” Carbamate inhibitors group. These drugs inhibit or inactivate acetyl cholinesterase. They cause acetylcholine to accumulate at cholinergic receptors and as a result causes excessive stimulation of cholinergic receptors throughout the central and peripheral nervous system.

Reversal of residual non-depolarizing (competitive) neuromuscular block.

Neo-Pyrolate Injectionis available in a pack of 10 x 1 ml ampoules

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