(Iron Polymaltose Complex)

The Iron (III) hydroxide polymaltose complex (IPC) is a water- soluble iron oxide, macromolecular complex of polymolecular complex of polynuclear Iron (III) hydroxide and partially hydrolysed dextrin (polymaltose). The complex is stable and does not release ionic iron under physiological conditions. The iron in the polynuclear “cores” is bound in a similar structure as in the case of physiological occurring ferritin. Due to these chemical and pharmacological properties IPC is suitable for oral iron substitution.

Prevention and treatment of all kinds of iron deficiencies particularly iron deficiency anemia.

The liquid formulation is especially for the prophylactic therapy of iron deficiency to cover the recommended daily dietary allowances (RDA) during pregnancy and lactation, for children, adolescents, women capable of bearing children and adults.

I-Tose syrup is available in 60ml Bottle.

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