Dostin®Capsules, Dry Suspension & Sachet

Dostin (Erdosteine) is the first disease modifying agent for respiratory tract diseases. Dostin contains Erdosteine, which is a prodrug, has Anti-adhesive, Antibacterial, Antioxidant, mucomodulatory and Anti-inflammatory effects. Dostin has synergistic effect when it is administrated concomitantly with antibiotics. Dostin (Erdosteine) inhibits free oxygen radicals via thiol groups that it contains. Its potent antioxidant effect appears by increasing production of endogenous antioxidant such as glutathion (GSH), a compound that plays a key role in the cellular protection against the oxidative stress. It improves expectoration by increasing mucociliary transport and modulating the mucus production and viscosity of the mucus.

  • For all acute & chronic respiratory diseases.
  • To slow the progression of disease and to preserve lung structure in CB and COPD.
  • Helps clearance of mucus in pharyngitis, laryngitis & sinusitis.
  • Can be administered in combination with antibiotics to get synergetic effects.
  • To preserve lung structure in smokers and Tuberculosis.
  • In children acute and chronic respiratory tract diseases alone or in combination with antibiotics.

Dostin 150mg Capsules are available in blister pack of 20 capsules.

Dostin 300mg Capsules are available in blister pack of 20 capsules.

Dostin suspension is available in 100 ml bottle with a cup and spoon.

Dostin Sachet is available as 1x 5 sachets in carton.

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