(Lactulose Solution USP)

B-Lact Syrup contains lactulose a synthetic disaccharide composed of one molecule of fructose bonded with one molecule of galactose. B-Lact Syrup is virtually absorbable. B-Lact is broken down mainly to lactic acid other acids in colon by the colonic bacteria’s that results in an increase in osmotic pressure and slight acidification of the colonic contents. This in turn causes an increase in stool water content and softens the stool. B-Lact is used in the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy and constipation.

B-Lact Syrup is indicated for relief of Constipation and Management of Portal Systemic Encephalopathy (Hepatic Encephalopathy).

B-Lact Syrup is available in 120ml
(No added Flavor & No added Sugar)

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