Launch of BRAMOL Infusion

April 3, 2019

Bramol Infusion (Paracetamol USP) 1000mg/100ml is yet another feather in the crown of the injectable portfolio of Brookes Pharma, an FDA approved compound.

Paracetamol Infusion is considered as a safe and effective medicine for pain and fever, particularly in post-operative patients, who usually require narcotic analgesics for pain, which carry many side effects including respiratory depression.

As a part of our culture, the elegant and decent launching ceremony was held in head office along with all technical, operational and marketing teams with cake cutting followed by special Luncheon.

First time the Launching ceremony was planned simultaneously nationwide at all Regional distributor level and in Head office. This was only possible with efficient teamwork which reflects commitments at all level for the success of BRAMOL Infusion.